Richard Whitehouse. Silversmith & Jeweller
  How to make a silver box  

Step 1 Take a pair of old 6" or 8" files


  Step 2 Heat and bend the tang on each file    
  Step 3 Grind the ends of the tang as shown. One should be ground at 90 degrees and the other at 45 degrees    
  This is how they should look from the side    
  Step 4 You can case harden the ends if you are going to do a lot of box making    
  Step 5 Cut and mark out your silver sheet as shown with a scriber ready for cutting    
  Step 6 Clamp the metal down using a steel rule and two G Clamps. Draw the cutter with the single 90 degree angle along the scribed line next to the steel rule until it makes a shallow cut.

Step 7 Remove the clamps and the ruler. Use the 90 degree cutter to cut a deep cut (not quite through the metal). Repeat the process on all four lines.

Step 8 Cut out the corners with a piercing saw and file to 45 degrees. Fold up box and solder. Make top. Solder on, finish box and polish. Job done!