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Renting the workshop
The workshop is available for rent weekdays between 9.00am and 5.00pm
The workshop is 11.5 Metres square and is fully equipped with all the tools for making and finishing jewellery
General view of workshop
General view of workshop

A work
A work bench

View of the polishing machine

Polishing machine

Sink and acid tank
Sink, acid tank and ultrasonic cleaner

  The workshop is fully equipped with all the tools needed for making jewellery. There is soldering and brazing equipment, benches and polishing equipment.

There are four benches for jewellers to work:
Files, pliers. hammers and stakes
Soldering and brazing equipment
Acid tank and drying medium
Ultrasonic cleaner
Barrel polishing machine
Double ended polishing machine with dust extraction
Rolling mill
Heat and lighting is included. Gas for soldering and brazing is extra.
Rent: 70.00 per week for one bench. 60.00 per week for two benches. 50.00 per week for three benches.
Workshop can also be rented for longer periods. Monthly rental will be lower than weekly rents
Please contact me for more information.